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Coulee Region RV Center wants you to have trouble-free towing.  It is IMPORTANT to pick the right towing package. Here is a link to Travel Life's towing guides which are sorted by year TOWING GUIDES

The following are some of the items you will likely encounter:

1. Towing Axle Ratio: Most packages include a lower (numerically higher) axle ratio; for example, a 3.73:1 or 4.10:1 instead of the 3.55:1 that comes with the stock vehicle. A lower ratio results in greater torque multiplication at the rear wheels, which means more power for towing. It also means the engine turns somewhat faster for a given road speed,but that's the trade-off for improved towing performance.

2. Hitch Receiver: If the tow vehicle already has a receiver, all you need to select is the proper ball mount  and the associated hardware, such as a load-distributing hitch. The receiver will be properly matched to the tow vehicle's trailer-towing rating, so you needn't worry about any hitch-overloading situations as long as you pay attention to the numbers. You'll also avoid interference problems with the exhaust pipe(s), the fuel tank and the spare tire.

3. Wiring Package: The wiring package, at its simplest, is a group of color-coded pigtails near the back bumper that's ready for installation of the trailer-plug receptacle. It can also be as complete as a plug or two installed out back, a pre-wired pigtail forbrake-control installation under the dash and full integration with the tow vehicle's electric system.

4. Alternator: It takes extra charging current to keep a trailer's battery(ies) charged in addition to handling the electrical-power needs of the tow vehicle. The battery itself may also be larger.

5. Heavy-Duty Suspension: The trailer and it's hitch weight add load on the tow-vehicle suspension, so the normal reaction among dealership sales staff and buyers alike is to order the optional heavy-duty (HD) suspension, particularly when fifth-wheel towing is involved.In fact, when the trailer is a conventional ball-type trailer, it's often best not to order a heavy-spring option if there is a choice (if the towing package does not include HD suspension) for trucks rated 8,600 pounds and above because stiff ride and the tendency of the rear springs to do some or most of the work of the load-distributing hitch can be the result. A stiff ride is a very common complaint among owners of 3/4-ton and one-ton pickups not towing fifth-wheels. A case can be made for not ordering an HD suspension even for fifth-wheel towing except in very high pin-weight situations opting instead to install auxiliary springs or air bags after delivery to support the pin weight (if necessary),which allows a more civilized ride on standard rear springs while not towing.It's necessary to compare the standard and optional rear-axle-weight ratings relative to the anticipated trailer pin weight. It's easy to upgrade rear suspensions after a truck is built, but nearly impossible to soften the ride of an over sprung truck without replacing the suspension. SUV's have enough of their body weight on the rear axle, so that it's not an issue.

6. Brake Control: Ford's Super Duty was the original tow rig to offer a factory-installed brake controller. This unit works amazingly well. GM is offering the same for select vehicles. Otherwise, towing packages usually include a trailer-wiring harness with a circuit for an after market brake-control unit a very worthwhile component of the package.

7. Stability Control: More manufacturers arenow offering electronic stability control.

8. Mirrors: Many towing packages offer mirrors designed to be extended outward while towing trailers.

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